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Featuring AKC Champion Bloodline Great Pyrenees and Registered Katahdin Sheep

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What Motivates Us

At Storybook Tails Farm, Fred and Marianna Conley focus on AKC Champion Bloodline Great Pyrenees and Registered Katahdin Sheep. The farm is kept well rounded with chickens, gardening and happiness.

Our Champion Bloodline Great Pyrenees started from the Belle’s Place Great Pyrenees Kennel where they pride theirselves in some of the best bloodlines. From Nautika Kennel to Limberlost Kennel to Windy Ridge to Euzkalzale and on having many champions and grand champions. Of course, being a farm our Pyrenees make good LGD too. They live in the barn with sheep and chickens surrounding them. However, pregnant mommas get to come in the house to have their puppies and raise them the first eight weeks.

Our Registered Katahdin sheep started from Hound River Farm where they pride theirselves in raising parasite resistance sheep. Yearly we have added a new ram from some of the best bloodlines; Rolling Springs, Rack of Lamb and Spring Hill Katahdins. So you can see we got the best sheep. Our sheep, as Hound River, are pasture-raised and exposed to parasites year-round.

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