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Storybook Tails Farm - Murfreesboro, Tennessee (3 miles from MTSU). Fred and Marianna retired and moved to a hobby farm where they could stay physically fit. Fred being a manager/strategist looked to how best they could utilize the 6 acres. He always believed in starting at the top and that’s how they got into breeding top quality animals. They named the property “Storybook Tails Farm” because it’s like living a storybook for them. Each puppy litter is named after a story starting with Cinderella.


Katahdin Sheep

Great Pyrenees

We purchased Genetics, not dewormers from Hound River Farm. Hound River Farm, “Parasite resistance is hereditary. Our herd sires have the genetic ability to pass this trait on to their offspring. Fecal Egg counts and Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) available on all lambs. Hound River Farm had both the high selling ram lamb ($2600) and the ram lamb with the lowest Fecal Egg Count average (zero) at the 2015 Virginia Tech Ram Test.” Their sheep are pastured-raised and exposed to parasites year-round and we continued the same.

Our Katahdin breeding stock comes from breeders emphasizing strong mothering qualities, good fertility, plenty of milk for newborn lambs, and parasite resistance.

We have a commitment to produce healthy animals while minimizing the use of antibiotics and wormers. The cornerstone of our program means providing a healthy environment for our sheep with good pasture rotation, plenty of fresh water, sunshine and fresh air.

When selecting our breeding Great Pyrenees, we were very careful to choose Pyrenees that had the BEST CONFORMATION and PERSONALITY.

We live and breed our Pyrenees on a hobby farm with sheep and chickens. The puppies are SOCIALIZED with sheep, chickens, people as well as children. They will be dewormed several times, and have at least their first round of puppy shots. Also each puppy sees our veterinarian before going to their new home.

We are trying the Misty Method of early POTTY TRAINING with these puppies and to our surprise, we are having great success! The puppies eat and then all go over to a designated area and do their business.

We are always available to talk and give support to all our fur parents. We can’t wait to add your adventures with your new puppy to our Storybook!

a group of sheep and chickens standing in a field
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Storybook Tails Farm